When you think of Thomas Edison and his inventions, what do you think of? Here are 10 inventions that you have never heard of!

                            Countdown of inventions

10. Time to vote!

At the age of 22, Edison made his first invention, The Electrographic vote recorder. This invention was a better way of voting. A voting device is attached to the desk and there are two switches; yes or no. the voter moves a switch for their response. But Guess what? The congress didn’t appreciate it that much! So it went to the political graveyard. Bye, bye, voting machine.

9. Pne-what?

Pneumatic stencil pencil, that’s what! This patent was an ancestor of a Tattoo gun. It was invented in 1876.This invention was only made and used for printing purposes only. In 1891, a tattoo artist named Samuel O’reily made an invention called a tattoo machine based on Edison’s patent.

 8. An Irony failure

To Edison - a failure, to you-  probably an unheard invention. This invention was meant to use magnets to separate iron-ore from low grade ore. That patent didn’t come out as good as Edison thought it would be. In fact, this was the worst patent in his career.

 7. Measuring mania

In 1881, Edison invented the Webermeter to solve the problem of how to measure the amount of things the customer used. So the owners of the business could bill them. Have you heard of anything like that? I have only heard of rulers!

6. to the rescue!!!

Whenever your mom buys fruits and vegetables, she tries to keep it fresh enough to eat, Right? Taking that idea, Edison made an invention that kept fruits and vegetables in a glass vessel which had it fresh for some time. This patent was a result of an accident while making the light bulb.

A Fresh fact: Many people think Edison made the wax paper, Even though it was made in 1851, when Edison was just a little kid!

5. Zoom, Zoom!

 In 1889, Thomas Alva Edison started working on a storage battery that would run cars. His goal was to make a car which could run for 100 miles without recharging. He gave up the project after 10 years of thinking and working.

4. Strong, but ugly!

If you were ever moving, never move into a concrete house! You might not know this, but Edison made 11 concrete houses in union, NJ. He thought that he could build a house that is fire-proof. Not many people wanted to buy the houses for 2 reasons; they didn’t want to humiliate themselves moving in to an ugly house and the houses just didn’t look nice. I can see why, can’t you?

3. Furniture for life 

  Wouldn’t it be cool if you had furniture that would last an eternity? Edison challenged that he could furnish a house without wasting a lot of money. And how would that happen, by making concrete furniture, of course.In1911,Edison’s company made concrete cabinets that were supposed to go to an industry show, but never made it. Just like Edison himself.

2. Talking toys

Using his phonograph, Edison made the first talking toys. The idea was simple but smart. Little phonograph was added to the doll’s chest, making it talk and sing its recorded messages and songs.

1. Ghostly Gadgets

On october1920, Edison announced that he will invent a phone which will communicate to the spirit world. It was called the spirit phone. He was encouraged by photos of spirits from Sir William Cooke, a British inventor. No machine was ever seen or heard of from Edison, even after his death, no machine was found.



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Very cleverly written!

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Nice article! Very creative choice too!


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